About Sandia CrossFit

  • This is Matt. He sometimes runs classes. He likes romantic novels, long walks on the beach, and burpees.

Once upon a time Matt and Zach were walking down a long and dusty road. The road was very long and very dusty. Despite the length and dust they continued to walk until Behold! Zeus, Greek god of Thunder was before them! Zeus was trying desperately to flip a ginormous tire to no avail. "Hark!" cried Zach. "Ye needest to straighten thy back and keep thy chest up...est." With a mighty heave Zeus flipped the stubborn tire. Meanwhile Matt answered Zeus's email and paid his taxes and did 50 burpees.

"Hark indeed!" shouted Zeus. "You two should totally start a gym, like, right here."

And they did.

Hark! CrossFit Sandia opened on Monday, August 15th, 2011. It is dedicated to making its customers faster, stronger, prettier, healthier, epic...er, and endowing them super powers. If any of these qualities appeal to thee, please come see us.

Are you one of those people saying "hey, nice origin story, but I'd like more info - like, a creepy amount of info"?  If so, check out some of the following links:

Info on CrossFit in general.

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Schedule a Class

Please let us know if you are coming to class by SIGNING UP! Otherwise you can go run 5 laps around the block while our attack dog Blue chases you.