The goons that do the training

Jeff Hart

Jeff teaches, among other things, our 5:30a.m. class. Using a mix of industrial-strength coffee and an abundance of good ol' fashioned pep, Jeff shows up before dawn to watch people suffer. He maintains his bountiful enthusiasm by listening to angry thrash metal music all day and occasionally engaging in the Kumite. Rumor has is Jeff is also Monacan royalty hiding a dark, dark secret.


Stacy Black

Stacy teaches our mobility class. She is a physical therapist and has an extra PhD in making people cry. If you're not terrified of lacrosse balls you are a) wrong, and b) in need of one of Stacy's classes. She once made a mountain gorilla with shoulder problems sob. On the upside, that same gorilla spent the next 30 years chucking barrels at Italian tradesmen (yeah, a video game reference on a business website...sweet).

Zach Gold

Zach is one class away from an exercise science degree at UNM.  The class is “Supernatural Japan.” Seriously. Zach also eats more than a pregnant rhinoceros. He’s the one that will usually be programming your workouts. He’s an excercise nerd. And a comic book nerd. What I’m trying to say is: Zach’s a nerd. He’s the guy in the Thor mask...

Matt Biggs

Matt was formerly in the Marine unit here in town (Delta Company), went to a couple of semesters of school, and worked as a military contractor for a bit. He’s a redhead and likes to think “he’s bringing it back.” He’s not. Matt also usually updates the website and will probably be the one to respond to your e-mails.


Blue is our head motivational life coach. He also morally opposes mopping and frequently holds sit-ins on our floor to prevent proper cleaning (as can be seen in the picture below). Blue also holds the gym record for most things sniffed in a 20 minute period.

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