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Zach Gold
Zach GoldLevel 1 Trainer
Zach coined the phrase “cotton impingement” after years of researching how much he hates shirts. He now uses this “scientific breakthrough” as justification to never wear a shirt. Zach also eats more than a pregnant rhinoceros. He’s the one that will usually be programming your workouts. He’s an exercise nerd. And a comic book nerd. What I’m trying to say is: Zach’s a nerd.
Matt Biggs
Matt BiggsManager, Level 1, Oly, Endurance, Mobility
Matt was formerly in the Marine unit here in town (Delta Company), went to a couple of semesters of school, and worked as a military contractor for a bit. He’s a redhead and likes to think “he’s bringing it back.” He’s not. Matt also usually updates the website and will probably be the one to respond to your e-mails. Matt is also afraid of the color puce.
Stacy Black
Stacy BlackMobility Instructor, Level 1, Physical Therapist
Stacy is a full-fledged physical therapist and we’re lucky enough to have her teach our mobility classes. While not working on people and gettin’ them to move right, Stacy spends much of her time in hibernation. She has been known to sleep for up to 15 hours a day in celebration of what she likes to call “Wednesday.” Do not ever wake Stacy.
AYLA STEADMANLevel 1 Trainer
Behold Ayla “el gaucho verde” Steadman. Ayla spends much of her time loitering around picture framing stores and trying free food samples at CostCo. Although much of her time is consumed in those hobbies, Ayla’s true passion lies in competitive drinking tournaments. Despite Ayla officially weighing-in to featherweight divisions, she regularly competes in illegal, “no-drinks-barred” heavyweight grudge matches. As of this writing she has never lost.
SIBO QUINONESLevel 1 Trainer, Mobility Instructor, Physical Therapist
Sibo (or “Seebs”) is a soccer player, avid CrossFitter, and recovering koala bear mimic. Recently, she ran into trouble when she climbed a Eucalyptus tree, began eating the leaves, and ended up unconscious outside of a Wendy’s. Since this, she has entered koala rehab and is doing much better. She loves kids and hopes to get a CrossFit Kids program up and running at Sandia. She’s very nice – unless she’s tore up on Eucalyptus.
Jamie, a rather wild child, was abandoned in the woods by her exasperated parents. Found by wolves, she was welcomed into her pack until 6 months later when the exasperated pack abandoned her back with her parents. She now teaches tons of CrossFit including one of the bootcamps. Don’t be alarmed if she sniffs you inappropriately – she picked it up from the wolves.
DANA ASHCRAFTLevel 1 Trainer, Endurance
Dana is only recently returned to the United States after spending 6 years in Nepal working as a Sherpa-Sherpa (which is, of course, a person who carries a Sherpa’s bag up Everest while the Sherpa carries a rich person’s bag). Her career ended when she got caught in a snowstorm and got lost. Had it not been for the dedication and courageousness of her Sherpa-Sherpa-Sherpa, Dana might never have made it. These days she spends her time lifting and working with kids and sometimes powerlifts kids.
MAIDA RUBINLevel 1 Trainer
Maida is well known throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa for her ruthless attitude towards small flightless pigeons. Adept at hiding in the most unexpected places, Maida will pop up around the gym but only if she wants to be found. Also, unbelievably, Maida has a passion for transportation data and logistics. Never ever call Maida a squab.