Paleo "Candy" Bars

Paleo-friendly bars with nuts, dates and dark chocolate.

by on Wed, Apr 24 2013 17:03:56

Okay, so this recipe definitely includes some of the ingredients on our "in moderation" list, but we're half-way through the challenge and I think we deserve a treat! Also, this week has definitely been the hardest for me (not sure if it is just timing or coming down with a cold), so having little treats like this to distract me kept me from driving to Flying Star and devouring a huge piece of chocolate cake.

What's nice about this recipe is it tastes about as close as you can get to a cheat without actually being a cheat - that is if you control your intake and it's rich enough that just a bit should satisfy your sweet tooth!

I got this recipe from FitViews. She calls them paleo energy bars, but I thought calling them candy bars would be more satisfying :)


  • 1 cup whole raw unsalted almonds
  • 12 to 14 Medjool dates, de-pitted (may need more if mixture comes out too crumbly)
  • 1/2 of a dark chocolate bar - at least 88%
  • 1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds (I accidentally bought dry roasted - not a big deal, but try to get unsalted)

Start by grinding up your almonds, chocolate and dates separately in a food processor. You might be able to process them together, but the consistency might be off because they are all different textures. I just did the almonds and chocolate until they were crumbly, and the dates until they formed a ball.

Place the ground almonds, chocolate and dates in a bowl along with your whole pumpkin seeds.

Now it's time to mix! The best way (though not the cleanest) is to use your hands. If you have a really good mixer, that might work better. Mix until well combined, and there are few loose pieces in the bottom if the bowl.

If it is still too crumbly, now would be the time to add some more processed dates. They are your glue!

Once you have gotten the consistency you like, press the mixture into a lined pan 9" x 9" pan (I doubled the recipe and used a 9" x 13" pan).

Place the pan into the fridge for about an hour - until chilled through - then remove, and cut into rectangles.

They can be packaged up and stored in the fridge for up to a month, so they will be ready for when you have a craving!

Happy paleo eating!

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