On-Ramp Program

What is On-Ramp?

The Sandia CrossFit On-Ramp is your first step towards forging a level of fitness only whispered of in ancient texts about Athena and Zeus. On-Ramp is to teach you the fundamentals of CrossFit before you dive in to our regular CrossFit classes. This smoothes your transition into the normal classes taking you from mere human to lightning-wielding, fitness totem. Each day a trainer will teach you 1 or 2 of these fundamental movements. After that you will be put through a workout that will slowly chip away at the chains tethering you to mortality. The program builds on itself and will only leave you wanting more!


When is On-Ramp?

On-Ramp will be available beginning the first week in November and December 2014. It will run for three weeks on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at either 6:30 a.m. or 7 p.m. Each session will include work on strength (weightlifting), a skill (gymnastics), and a workout (WOD), as well as information on nutrition and recovery. The final week of On-Ramp will be an introduction to regular gym programming.


Who should do On-Ramp?

Great heroes such as Achilles, Batman, and Wonder Woman all began their journey here. Never having had any experience with CrossFit they sought out the guidance of the great masters of Sandia CrossFit. Through the On-Ramp and the intensive training that follows, they all gained the strength and skills necessary to fight the forces of evil. If like these warriors you have never had any experience with CrossFit then this is the place to begin your crusade in fitness.


How much is On-Ramp?

Can a price really be put on your fitness? Yes, yes it can. In this case the low price of $85 is all it takes to begin your journey. This covers the entire On-Ramp.

Can I test out of On-Ramp?

Many have already taken it upon themselves to test their mettle with CrossFit in the past. If this is you and you feel that the fundamentals are still ingrained in your very soul then we are happy to pit you against our fiercest trainer in a one-on-one duel to the death. Surviving this will test you out of the On-Ramp completely!


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