About CrossFit

  • Excessive CrossFit can result in the growth of a chalk moustache.

We’re dedicating a whole page to tell you about CrossFit in the hopes of dispelling some fictions and reinforcing some truths about the program.  One common question is “what is CrossFit?”  There is heaps of information on this subject at the main site (crossfit.com) which includes treatises on the definition of fitness, the approaches of the CrossFit methodology, and various other articles on what one would hope to gain by doing this program.  However, in an effort to be concise we’ll just describe it as a functional fitness program modeled on ancestral living.  The idea behind this whole ancestral thing is that humans evolved to maintain an extremely varied fitness.  One day an ancestral human could be chucking a spear at a delicious mastodon and the next he or she could be running from a tiger which is one part grumpy, two parts hungry.  The following day that same person could need to lift a rock above their head to clear some room out of their cave.  The point is, this hypothetical person lived in a world of danger and diverse physical work.  Needless to say, this is not the world which we, as Americans, live today.  The biggest dangers for most of us are eating a bad falafel or paper-cuts or our desk chairs giving out.

This sort of segues into another common question “who should do CrossFit?” or, more commonly “I’m too old/out of shape to do CrossFit.”  Well there Mr. (or Ms.) Negativity, we beg to differ.  Unless you feel like the kind of person who, if living thousands of years ago, would have laid down and simply let a hungry family of pre-historic badgers eat you just because you were old or fat then we think you’re perfect for our classes.  There is no logical reason an 80 year old should not strive to increase their physical performance any less than a 25 year old.  Naturally performance will vary by scale and each workout will be tailored to the individual.  In short we think CrossFit is for almost everyone.  Except bears.  Bears are already huge killing machines and if they were to begin classes with us they would become bigger, faster, more efficient killing machines and potentially put suburban America at risk.

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