Get Started

Hooray! You've taken the first step to becoming a super cool CrossFitter. You've most likely entered “most awesome CrossFit gym ever” or something similar into Google and ended up here. Well done! Now what? Well, take a look around our site and then sign up for a FREE intro class through that silly little class sign-in portal (or HERE). Just make an account and sign on up. No, you don't have to have any baseline fitness, or be under a certain age, or have any skills. Just give the intro a whirl.

Checked that box? Cool, next you'll want to do the On-Ramp program. Want to test out? Contact us to make arrangements. We might charge you an arbitrary fee depending on how greedy we are that day (mostly to feed and water whatever instructor needs to do it).

After that just sign up! Give yourself a chance to check out the rates and the schedule and just show up when you can and check you out, you're CrossFitting! Don't overlook our mobility classes and yoga which will further increase your spectacularness.

If you have any other questions just send us a message through this ultra handy form!

Schedule a Class

Please let us know if you are coming to class by SIGNING UP! Otherwise you can go run 5 laps around the block while our attack dog Blue chases you.