What you'll be learning

Want to know what awaits you in bootcamp?

Learn basic gymnastic skills by starting slow. It's all scaled to ability.


Get stronger while maintaining safety. Our coaches break down every movement to ensure you are performing each efficiently and with as little risk as possible.

High intensity conditioning
High intensity conditioning

The Bootcamp introduces you to the high-intensity style of CrossFit workouts. High intensity training burns fat quicker and builds capacity more efficiently.

Side effects
Side effects

One side effect of engaging in CrossFit is that you'll end up looking way way better. Burn fat, lose pant sizes, get (and look) stronger, faster and healthier.

What it is

Bootcamp is designed to teach you the fundamentals of CrossFit before you dive into our regular CrossFit classes. This smoothes your transition into the normal classes taking you from mere human to lightning-wielding, fitness totem! Each day a trainer will teach you 1 or 2 of these fundamental movements. After that you will be put through a workout that will slowly chip away at the chains tethering you to mortality. The program builds on itself and will only leave you wanting more!

Bootcamp starts every six weeks and alternates between gender (so a female or male bootcamp will start every 12 weeks). Each session will include work on strength (weightlifting), a skill (gymnastics), and a workout (WOD), as well as information on nutrition and recovery. The final week of Bootcamp will be an introduction to regular gym programming. Additionally, body measurements and baseline fitness tests will be administered at the beginning and end of each program. More fun facts:

Can a price really be put on your fitness? Yes, yes it can. In this case the low price of $250 is all it takes to begin your journey. This covers the entire Bootcamp and all additional testing/interviews/etc.

Bootcamp can and will make you faster than most non-flying insects.

The very first bomb dropped by the Allies on Berlin during World War II killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo.

Who should go?

Great heroes such as Achilles, Batman, and Wonder Woman all began their journey here. Never having had any experience with CrossFit they sought out the guidance of the great masters of Sandia CrossFit. Through the Bootcamp and the intensive training that follows, they all gained the strength and skills necessary to fight the forces of evil. If like these warriors you have never had any experience with CrossFit then this is the place to begin your crusade in fitness.

Feel like you can test out of this rigorous trial by fire? Many have already taken it upon themselves to test their mettle with CrossFit in the past. If this is you and you feel that the fundamentals are still ingrained in your very soul then we are happy to pit you against our fiercest trainer in a one-on-one duel to the death. Surviving this will test you out of the Bootcamp completely!

Please contact us at to learn when the next Bootcamp is starting and to sign up!

The hardest part is contacting us. And, you know, the working out.

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