Boot Camp

  • Look at the cheery masses getting ready for another round of burpees!

Finding synonyms for the term “boot camp” is surprisingly difficult. There isn't an equivalent term to describe a high-intensity, instructor-led fitness program which offers a broad diversity of physical challenges, nutrition counseling, and progress tracking all in the midst of an extremely social, supportive, and relaxed atmosphere. So we called this thing we're starting a “boot camp.” Believe us, we think it's as stupid of a term as you do.

So if it's not really a boot camp what can you expect? Imagine this: you are out in the woods when all of a sudden an angry woodchuck comes out of nowhere with a baseball bat and an intent to do some mugging. He looks threatening but you're confident you'll be able to take him. Until you realize he isn't alone. Alas! There is an entire gang of belligerent woodchucks! It's situations like these that CrossFit training truly shines. Our classes will give you the fortitude and strength to stand up to the dastardly woodchucks or the stamina and swiftness to turn on your heel and escape with wallet and safety intact.

How do we instill such awesomeness in our members? We'll be utilizing 3 different approaches to increase the overall experience of our boot camp: the actual fitness classes, nutrition counseling, and progress tracking.

Classes – The boot camp classes will introduce the members to all of the major movements of CrossFit through instructor-led teaching and tons of practice. The classes are offered in the morning and evening and the participants are expected to come at least 3 times a week. All participants of the boot camp will also be allowed to come to our mobility and yoga classes free of charge which is cool because those classes absolutely rule!

Nutrition counseling – During the classes coaches will offer general guidelines of healthy eating and living. We'll probably make fun of you if you smoke and encourage you to eat McDonald’s less than you may like. However, we won't be jerks about it. Eat whatever you want – that's a constitutional amendment or something, isn't it? That said, we won't make it a secret that diet is a huge contributor to performance, health, and appearance. Just sayin'.

Progress tracking – Each participant will be given a progress sheet to track certain gains. These will include mostly performance and body fat percentage markers. These sheets will be optional but are kinda cool. Before and after pictures are available upon request as well. Additionally, coaches will be available for people who wish to do nutrition tracking more in-depth.

Bam! That's our “boot camp” in a nutshell. So now let's nip some of those questions in the bud:

  • No, you don't have to be in any particular shape to start the boot camp. Round is perfectly fine – you are welcome at any fitness level.
  • No, you are not too old. Old people need to beat up badgers too. Or woodchucks, or whatever threatening animal you happen to meet. All workouts are modified accordingly.
  • No, your injury does not prevent you from participating (in most cases – unless you have a broken back or are actively gushing blood we can usually work around it). We'll modify workouts, promise.
  • Yes, if your schedule absolutely, positively does not allow you to attend classes 3 days a week you can jump in another boot camp class although we don't encourage this. Let us know.
  • Yes, it's hard. But honestly, all you have to do is show up and we'll direct you through the rest.
  • No, we won't yell at you. We're scared of loud noises.

Lastly, you probably want to know who this program is for. It's for people who want to try CrossFit but feel intimidated (which you'll see is unnecessary), people who want to lose a couple of pounds, people who are bored working out and want to have fun getting in shape, and lastly, for people who just want to try something new. It's not really for highly experienced CrossFitters. We will be starting from scratch and this will be more interesting for people new to the sport. It's also not for large predatory animals for reasons explained in the “About CrossFit” page.

The cool thing about the boot camp is that you don't need to take any intro or on-ramp classes once you have completed the 6-week program, you can just hop into the normal classes! If you're curious about those you may want to check out rates and our normal class schedule.

Looking for the Boot Camp Schedule?

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Please let us know if you are coming to class by SIGNING UP! Otherwise you can go run 5 laps around the block while our attack dog Blue chases you.