Video competition!

We are unveiling a video testimonial contest!

by on Fri, Apr 05 2013 17:51:00

Alright folks - I know how you guys like competing with each other... and I know how much more you like free crap sooooo we are unveiling a video testimonial contest! First place winner gets a free month membership... and all submissions get a free week!


Here's the rules:

1) The video has to be less than 45 seconds long.

2) The video needs to be e-mailed to by the end of April.

3) Submission is taken as permission to all rights to the video including its reproduction, editing, and dissemination.

4) Do not directly post videos to our facebook - we have to review them (no, we don't trust you highly inappropriate people).

5) We will be posting the most creative and entertaining submissions as they arrive!


Ideally the video will be in the same style as "The Office" or "Epic Meal Time." Feel free to be creative - but do try and be relatively appropriate...

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