Relaunching Our Schedule!

by on Tue, Jun 12 2012 10:54:00

Right. So our scheduling widget was pulled down for a bit because folks were having a hard time accessing it and because we have the technological prowess of drunken lemmings. I’ve put it back up and members can now register using the link to the right where it says Schedule a Class (right under the Schedule of Classes in the side bar). If you have never used the system before follow these steps to create an account:
1) There will be a pop-up – make sure to allow it.
2) You’ll see a sign in area. Just below it you will see a ‘Sign up!’ button. Click it with a confident, strong click. Maybe yell a bit when you do.
3) There will be a section that says: ‘New to our site?’ You are new to our site. Fill in your name, as it was filled in on our waiver.
4) A list of people who have given us their Groupon coupon and have your name will appear. Odds are you are the only person with your name on the list. You should click yourself.

From that point on you’ll see a scheduling page and it’ll be super duper easy. If there’s any problems shoot us an e-mail (us is sarcastic – Zach doesn’t know how to log into our e-mail).

One last caveat – if you haven’t come in before and we don’t have a waiver from you – YOU CAN’T SIGN UP FOR CLASSES YET! Come see us!

Schedule a Class

Please let us know if you are coming to class by SIGNING UP! Otherwise you can go run 5 laps around the block while our attack dog Blue chases you.