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The Mesozoic Era was a time-period roughly two hundred and fifty to sixty five million years ago. This era is frequently described as the age of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were huge reptilian killing machines which are thought to have been wiped out in a mass extinction event occurring sometime at the end of the Cretaceous Period. There is no definite cause to the disappearance of dinosaurs but we at Sandia CrossFit have a theory. Dinosaurs are simply hiding – behind bushes, in your backseat, and around corners. They are waiting patiently until their carefully cultivated crop of food is plump, complacent, and ready for eatin’. Dinosaurs will eat you like little mammal popcorn shrimp.

Now we’re not saying that a dinosaur feast of juicy humans is inevitable. What we’re saying is that you should be ready in case dinosaurs try to eat you. Think of it this way: how will you respond if a Tyrannosaurus jumps out of a dark alley with a knife, fork, and an “I scream for people” bib wrapped around his neck? Will you be too out of shape to do anything other than climb on to his platter and whine about being devoured alive or will you wrestle him to the ground and force carrots into his disproportionately large mouth (dinosaurs hate carrots)?

Don’t get caught being eaten by death-lizards. Come in for a few free sessions.

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