CrossFit Open Epiphany

Intern Lauren had an epiphany during chest to bar and she wants to tell you about it.

by on Thu, Mar 13 2014 16:42:47

I had to laugh last Friday when I was struggling to get chest to bar pullups during 14.2. I clearly can't do them, but our little group at the 8:30 class rallied around me and cheered me on like I was the little engine that could. That moment struck me and gave me clarity on what this entire Open thing is all about, at least for me anyway. It actually showed me what all of CrossFit is about. It's about putting your ego aside and trying something you know you can't do. It's about supporting others going through the same thing. I think that's my favorite part about CrossFit, the support we give each other. It has a powerful impact on me when people take the time to watch what I'm doing and encourage me along the way. So, as we move forward with the Open WODs, don't be discouraged by the fact you can't do some of these things, yet, and make sure to support your fellow Sandia athletes. Also, Matt wanted me to mention that the Open helps identify goals you should work on for next year. For example, I need to work on chest to bar pullups to improve my score for next time. If you know me, I always say it's a nightmare for me to do anything on the pullup rig. So, we'll see if I meet that goal, but I'm glad Matt pointed out my weakness for me. Thanks, Matt! There's that support I've been talking about!

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