Boot Campers, We Applaud You!

First week of bootcamp down!

by on Mon, Jan 13 2014 10:55:53

The first wave of boot campers started this past week at Sandia CrossFit and there were a lot of you. It just goes to show how many of you are ready to take on 2014 in a healthy way!

It’s never easy getting started on a workout program especially if you’ve been out of the exercising loop for a while.

Sleeping in, watching tv, taking a nap – all of those just sound so much better sometimes. But, three days out of this week, many of you battled the call of the couch to spend an hour with us for the Sandia CrossFit Six-Week Boot Camp.

We applaud you guys for committing to this first week. Yes, it was only the first week, but that’s a huge step. Soon it will be Week Six and you’ll look back amazed with how quickly it went.

We bet you’ll feel stronger, too, and ready to take on regular CrossFit classes.

Our bootcamp advice for these next five weeks: Keep at it, stay strong, don’t be afraid to ask our trainers questions, meet new people, get sweaty, and have fun!  

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