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New Valentine's Poster

by on Thu, Feb 23 2012 11:47:00



Matt on a Pegasus
Happy Valentine's Day - every day is romantic when you have a Pegasus.



In other news, we have a new kids schedule and I’ve lost our camera cord (again). More updates on that soon.

Go Team!

by on Wed, Jan 18 2012 11:45:00

Our team has expanded by fifty percent! Check out the bio of Jaret, our new trainer, in the the About Us section! Oh and morning classes are running now – 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30! Contact us the night before if you are comin’ in then! More exclamation marks!!!!!

Morning Classes

by on Thu, Jan 05 2012 11:44:00

We’ve had more than a few calls on morning classes and finally have one going. That said, e-mail us the night before (by 8pm) to ensure we show up. We’re not coming in unless we have someone to train. Our 9am should be starting within the next couple of weeks as well so stay posted! Plus our Saturday sock war is back on! Zippity do!

Closed for the Holidays

by on Tue, Dec 20 2011 11:43:00

We’ll be closed from the 23rd-26th. We will reopen on the 27th. If you want a Christmas workout we will post some on our facebook page. Spoiler: Christmas tree thrusters and an eggnog chug.


by on Tue, Dec 20 2011 11:41:00



Zach and Sharks
Our new poster. And yes, that is a picture of Zach with a shark army.


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