Musings by wizened CrossFit masters. The posts written herein contain the combined knowledges of the Elders of Sandia CrossFit. (or maybe just the insane ramblings of Matt and Zach)

Updates on the Updates

by on Wed, Jun 06 2012 10:53:00

Matt survived collecting bugs in Nicaragua and Zach survived two weeks of 12 hour shifts! We’ll be doing some BBQing soon (maybe this weekend wooo!) and more working out and all that. Stop by and see us – all the cool kids are doing it, peer pressure!

Updates on Stuff

by on Wed, May 16 2012 10:52:00

Matt is going out of town for 2 weeks (from the 16th-31st) so there will be even less updating here (if that is possible). Also, we’ll have scaled back hours on memorial day. Call for info.

Warrior Dash

by on Thu, May 03 2012 10:51:00

We will all be Warrior Dashing on Saturday and will be CLOSED! Back open Monday!


by on Thu, Apr 12 2012 10:50:00

The GORUCK is this weekend – come get thrashed for 12 hours by former special operators… it’s not too late to sign up! We promise it will be just like Act of Valor, but minus the SEALs flexing at the camera and possibly more vomit.



goruck arrow


New Massively Exciting Stuff

by on Sat, Mar 03 2012 11:49:00

We’re tweeting and we’ve added pictures to our facebook page! This is like the best day EVER!

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