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Announcements continued!

by on Wed, Jan 09 2013 22:14:00

Cool, now that all the other bootcamps are full we've begun registration for the February 18th MWF morning and evening classes! Get 'em while they're hot! Also - regular classes at 5:30 will be switching days from Tues Thurs Fri to MWF also!

Even more updates! And some FAQs...

by on Sun, Jan 06 2013 12:37:00

Hey folks, a couple of big announcements and then some frequently asked questions!

We've added another evening class starting on the 14th of Jan, MWF, 5p.m.  Get it while it's hot!

Secondly, WE WILL BE ADDING MORE CLASSES!  No one should panic about not using their groupon before it expires!  We will work with you to get you in to one of our classes!  Some of them are ultra-full right now but more will be coming so hang tight.

Some other questions answered:

Yes, you need to e-mail us to reserve a spot.

If you miss one class there will be a time slot to make-up the skill learning.

The MWF classes on the 7th are full as is the TThS evening class on the 29th.


We appreciate the patience folks, our e-mail has been spotty.  Best way to contact us is through a DIRECT e-mail to rather than the contact form.  See you all soon!

More Boot Camp Updates!

by on Thu, Jan 03 2013 17:38:00

So now the 6:30am is fully booked!  There are rumors of some e-mails not making it through and our contact forms are currently being de-weaseled so if you haven't heard back from us e-mail me directly at or call.  Although I can only take one call at a time and a whole slew of you bought that Groupon....6:30 booked and contact form 

Boot Camp Sessions Filling!

by on Thu, Jan 03 2013 12:27:00

Heads up everyone - our 6pm boot camp starting on the 7th is ALREADY FULL!  There are a few more slots for the 630AM - get your hussle on!


by on Wed, Jan 02 2013 09:22:00

Don't forget, all classes are cancelled this weekend for the move!  Come help us out 11am to afternoonish - otherwise we're not moving and you all have to continue to working out in the slums.

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