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Zach Rant!

by on Mon, Apr 07 2014 07:07:26

Ok guys and gals I got on this fancy computer gizmo everyone’s talking about and typed up another rant! Prepare yourselves! I just want to take a minute to congratulate everyone who participated in the Open. It was extremely exciting to watch each of you rise to the occasion and perform things that many of you thought were impossible. I think I speak for all the trainers when I say that we are proud and humbled to be a part of this with some of you getting your first Chest to Bar Pull Up and then throwing in 15 more for good measure, stringing together 20 or more Double Unders under pressure when you could only do 3 previously, and even PR’ing your Deadlift in a workout after having already done 50 deadlifts! These are all amazing feats and just a small fraction of what was accomplished. We applaud your effort and your hard work in taking on this challenge. I'd also like to thank everyone else at the gym for still coming on Fridays, putting up with the odd way classes were being run, showing support, and participating in the workouts, especially the last one! We couldn't have done any of this without you. So thank you! 
With all that being said and the Open behind us, now is not the time to start slacking off. Take these weeks following the competition to set better movement and eating habits. Don’t modify a workout down just because you think you can’t do it. Try the movements first or perform it prescribed as long as possible. While the experience is fresh in your mind begin to hold yourself to a higher standard. Knowing what skills were lacking in the Open ask for help with these in classes. When you come in warm up by practicing your weaknesses. Whatever it takes for you to achieve your goals use this opportunity and run with it! We as trainers are happy to help in any way we can so never hesitate to ask. We look forward to working with all of you over the next year and bringing you all one step closer to taking down Samantha Briggs and Rich Froning! Fear not though, things won’t be all hard work and no play in the days to come. I offer you a ray of hope! In the true spirit of Sandia CrossFit and celebrating our collective awesomeness it’s about time we had another shindig! Let’s all celebrate the end of the Open, Boot Camps coming to a close and why not throw Cinco de Mayo in the mix as well! Since we see each other everyday in sweaty, chalky workout gear the theme for the party will be “Dress to Impress”,“If Looks Could Kill”, “007”. Whatever you want to call it come wearing your classiest evening attire and maybe bring a Martini glass or two! The festivities will be kicking off at 8pm on Saturday May 3rd at the gym. We’ll do this thing potluck style so bring your favorite dish that you want to impress others with! Get your babysitters now, designate your drivers and have a Happy Friday gang!

CrossFit Open Epiphany

by on Thu, Mar 13 2014 16:42:47

I had to laugh last Friday when I was struggling to get chest to bar pullups during 14.2. I clearly can't do them, but our little group at the 8:30 class rallied around me and cheered me on like I was the little engine that could. That moment struck me and gave me clarity on what this entire Open thing is all about, at least for me anyway. It actually showed me what all of CrossFit is about. It's about putting your ego aside and trying something you know you can't do. It's about supporting others going through the same thing. I think that's my favorite part about CrossFit, the support we give each other. It has a powerful impact on me when people take the time to watch what I'm doing and encourage me along the way. So, as we move forward with the Open WODs, don't be discouraged by the fact you can't do some of these things, yet, and make sure to support your fellow Sandia athletes. Also, Matt wanted me to mention that the Open helps identify goals you should work on for next year. For example, I need to work on chest to bar pullups to improve my score for next time. If you know me, I always say it's a nightmare for me to do anything on the pullup rig. So, we'll see if I meet that goal, but I'm glad Matt pointed out my weakness for me. Thanks, Matt! There's that support I've been talking about!

Hooray for Laila and for Lunges!

by on Fri, Feb 21 2014 11:59:06

Thursday was a good day to come in if you wanted to work on your lunges and give to a great cause. So many of you came out to support the Lunges for Laila event and we want to thank all of you for sacrificing your glutes, quads and hamstrings for such a special fundraiser. 

This was the second year Sandia held Lunges for Laila and everyone who participated at Sandia really cranked out those lunges, helping us raise close to $1,500! 

Sandia CrossFit members Tina Arce and Sachi Biggs started Lunges for Laila in honor of Tina's daughter who has been battling cancer since she was three and a half. Laila just turned six on Valentine's Day and was all smiles at the event yesterday watching all of you do your lunges. 

"So far she is doing excellent and doing great off the chemo," said Tina.  "It's a long road and we're just hoping that she stays cancer free. The reason we do Lunges for Laila is so we can give back to the UNM Children's Hospital. We spent over three months at the hospital during her first year of treatment. We basically lived at the hospital so we want to give back to the kids there and the hospital facility."

You can learn more about Laila's story by going to the Facebook page Prayers for Laila.

We also want to give a shoutout to the UNM Women's Rugby Team and other CrossFit boxes in the area that participated. This was the first year other boxes got involved and we hope the event continues to grow for next year. Thanks everyone!

Boot Campers, We Applaud You!

by on Mon, Jan 13 2014 10:55:53

The first wave of boot campers started this past week at Sandia CrossFit and there were a lot of you. It just goes to show how many of you are ready to take on 2014 in a healthy way!

It’s never easy getting started on a workout program especially if you’ve been out of the exercising loop for a while.

Sleeping in, watching tv, taking a nap – all of those just sound so much better sometimes. But, three days out of this week, many of you battled the call of the couch to spend an hour with us for the Sandia CrossFit Six-Week Boot Camp.

We applaud you guys for committing to this first week. Yes, it was only the first week, but that’s a huge step. Soon it will be Week Six and you’ll look back amazed with how quickly it went.

We bet you’ll feel stronger, too, and ready to take on regular CrossFit classes.

Our bootcamp advice for these next five weeks: Keep at it, stay strong, don’t be afraid to ask our trainers questions, meet new people, get sweaty, and have fun!  

Happenings in the New Year

by on Mon, Dec 30 2013 13:04:42

Great Scott, the website has undergone it's annual facelift! With that, it's time to announce the scheduled goings-on for the upcoming year.  First, our epic 6-week bootcamp is returning with a passion! If you've been redirected here from Groupon make sure you check out the link to information on registering for a bootcamp class or what it's all about here.

Also, we have several amazing events going on in the first half of the year.  We have another level 1 course coming in February and an Olympic Weightlifting seminar coming in May!

Lastly, we have our derelict kids program making a resurgence this year, beginning sometime in the summer - oh boy!

As an added bonus, we're selling super trendy hoodies now too!  Can it get any better? I think not.

Check back often as we will continue to update the site and announce fun new events.

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