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by on Fri, Sep 16 2011 10:26:00

It recently came to my attention that our location wasn’t very accessible on this site. I’ve added a new tab to the right for your viewing pleasure. Right over there. To the right. The one that says location. Cliiiiick iiiiit….

Our Pyramid Scheme

by on Wed, Aug 24 2011 02:06:00

Yesterday a friend of mine told me CrossFit sounded like a pyramid scheme - people involved in it rave about it but refuse to give you specifics on what exactly is involved in the program.  I thought this made a lot of sense and thought I'd add a quick post addressing the weird attitude of members of the CrossFit community.  The primary reason nobody attempts to describe CrossFit is because of the natural variability inherent to the program.  If we could quantify CrossFit as 20 pullups, 15 deadlifts, and 100 push-ups daily it would certainly make our lives easier.  This simply isn't the case though.  Every day most of the affiliates throughout the world are programming a different workout of the day.  Each of these workouts have the potential to be completely unique from one another with different exercises, times, repetitions, weights, or rounds assigned by the trainers.  Some of these workouts will never be repeated, others are staple benchmarks done every couple of months.  So the question 'what do you do in a CrossFit class' is almost impossible to answer with a straight answer.  We don't mean to sound like a pyramid scheme or a telemarketer or an infomercial but we simply don't have any other answer than 'it's great, it'll help you accomplish your physical goals, come try it.'  

On an unrelated note, we want to put up pictures but we need to find the cord for the camera.

All Opened Up

by on Wed, Aug 17 2011 02:05:00

Our walls are painted, the pull-up bar is all welded up and we actually have a sign to cover the existing "Itchin' 2 Dance" placard outside.  As most of the manual labor is complete we'll have more time to update the site.  Oh yeah, we're open and offering classes now too!

Holy Bejeezus

by on Mon, Aug 01 2011 02:03:00

Hey crazy - there's a website here!

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