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New system!

by on Tue, Sep 09 2014 17:35:12

Good news everyone!

We’ve upgraded our sign–in system to a program called Wodify. The benefits of the system are extensive and include WOD and strength tracking, nutrition tracking, social integration, gym feedback, commenting, and an awesome app!

On the downside we will lose all billing information we currently have. What this means is you will need to re-enter your info. Obviously we don’t want to double charge anyone so we’ll be phasing billing in progressively. There are a couple of things you can do to help. If you know when your membership is coming due you can simply sign up for a new recurring payment online, on your own. Or, you can come in and let one of the coaches take care of it for you.

Another thing you can do to help us transition is to download the Wodify app on your phone. It’s crazy easy to use to sign in to classes and also to log your workout!

Let us know if you have questions and we’ll help you guys out!

CrossFit Endurance Trainer Course

by on Tue, Aug 19 2014 17:51:06
From: Sat, Sep 27 2014 00:00:00
To: Sun, Sep 28 2014 00:00:00

The Endurance course is a powerful weekend of getting faster, stronger and increasing overall fitness/performance.  Led by one of our head coaches for CrossFit Endurance, you will get both in depth education as well as a unique opportunity to be (run) evaluated throughout the weekend.

This is a Course that is the ideal CrossFit Level 1 compliment. A Level 1 is NOT a prerequisite  to attend an Endurance Course. This introduction to CrossFit Endurance fundamentals is ideal for coaches/trainers, all endurance athletes, CrossFit athletes looking to shave WOD times or simply for those of you looking to fine tune your run mechanics.

In addition to the individual coaching we focus on biomechanics, the science of running, nutrition, injury prevention, and programming implementation.  We focus on quality of training, not quantity. 

The weekend is full of current content that you can apply immediately.  Racing, training or getting more powerful – you’ll walk (or run!) away with a refreshing perspective of how endurance training should be done.

Register here

Squat Seminar with Zach

by on Tue, Aug 19 2014 17:43:14
From: Sun, Sep 14 2014 12:00:00
To: Sun, Sep 14 2014 02:00:00

It's one of the most basic movements seen in CrossFit, but sometimes getting your squat right is tough! Our head trainer Zach will walk you through the squat and what you can do to correct your form and overall squat performance. This seminar is free to all Sandia CrossFit members!

Zach is Blogging Again...Watch Out!

by on Tue, Aug 12 2014 17:03:15

Many moons have passed since my last foray into the realm of internet blogging. With the equinox approaching, as well as a few CrossFit competitions, the heavens have seen fit to bless us in the form of a great planetary alignment! Mars the planet of fiery violence and Saturn the planet of discipline and order are bathing us in their sweet, sweet cosmic radiation even as you read this!  


What does any of this crazy astrological mumbo-jumbo have to do with me and the gym? Glad you asked. Here’s how.


First, I’m taking this opportunity to re-open Competition class Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7 to forge all you warriors in the fires of discipline. See it’s all starting to make sense! Don’t worry though even if you are not competing I urge you and even extend an invitation to make good use of this time as much of what we do in Competition class is technique work. Better technique means heavier lifts and less injuries. Anything done in this class will always be supplemental to what was done during the day and will almost never repeat it. This is your chance to shed those ugly weightlifting habits and emerge from your barbell cocoon a glorious weight slinging maestro.


Second, continuing down the road of trying to organize and contain the fire that is your workout Sandia CrossFit will be hosting monthly seminars! What no way?! Really, it’s true. They are free to members and will focus on one aspect of your fitness beginning with the simplest one, “The Squat.” The first will be Sunday, September 14th at noon ending around 2 p.m.  Again this is for everyone and you should feel no hesitation in showing up to these. These will always be taught by myself unless otherwise noted on the schedule or whatever form of electronic communication you use. Sign-up for these in advance as I’m pretty freaking popular and people really want to hang out with me so they’ll fill up.


Approaching finally, a quick note on the programming for the upcoming weeks leading into competition. If you are trying to get better at CrossFit the strength is the most important part of what you do in here. In an effort to further promote this, any weight you do for the strength will now be recorded on the board along with your time on the WOD.  


For the next month even the WODs will be heavy and slow to promote strength building. There will also be more skill work to lock down the necessary standards of movement for competition. The second half of September we will try to maintain this newly acquired strength and awesomeness, but incorporate more cardiovascular work. This will be done with sprints, intervals and an occasional long distance run. The goal being to increase your work capacity with heavier weights. Simply put, you can move heavy things easier and for longer distances. Most of this timeline is geared towards Boxtoberfest because it is the biggest and most popular competition with the most athletes competing from the gym.


And for the actual finally, if you have any questions about the above, feel free to take me to lunch and we can discuss this all further. 

Fourth of July "The Seven"

by on Wed, Jun 04 2014 18:58:18
From: Fri, Jul 04 2014 09:00:00
To: Fri, Jul 04 2014 12:00:00

On July 4th we'll be doing the Hero WOD "The Seven." This is a tough one so get ready! Class times will be different from the normal schedule. We'll be running the WOD at 9 a.m., 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Stick around after to enjoy some food and beverages, and celebrate the 4th with us!

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