About Sandia CrossFit

the funnest gym ever.

Nestled deep in the desert-y bosom of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sandia CrossFit is dedicated to making people mighty, unstoppable versions of their former weak selves. This is accomplished through high-intensity training and a highly supportive setting which pushes people to new Earth-shattering fitness heights.

Our Skills

See below stats for our member averages.

  • Panthers Escaped 90%

  • Dinosaurs wrestled into submission 80%

  • Awesomeness cultivated 100%

  • Badger armies defeated 50%


Can you put a price on being in awesome shape? Yes. It is the cost of our rates.

Unlimited membership:
$150 with discounts for year or 6-month commitments.

Additional discounts for military, veterans, LEO, teachers, and students.

$250 for full six week program.

What You'll Get at SCF

Better Health
Better Health

It's probably not legal for us to tell you that you will live forever if you do CrossFit because it's not "technically" true. But you might.

Superb Training
Superb Training

Just check out our trainer bios and you'll see what we mean. These guys know their CrossFit!

Fun Community
Fun Community

You will make many many friends at SCF. See this frolicking icon person? They could be your new best friend!

What Our Customers Think

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